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Fraud Casino’s, Casino Scams, Bad Online Casino’s

We take casino players security seriously, we know that in the casino industry there have been many casino’s that have for many reasons defrauded their players.

Types of online casino scams and casino frauds

fraud online casinoOver the 12 years that we have been researching and promoting online casinos, we have seen a large change in how the online casino market has become regualted, licensed and taxed. The online casino industry has matured and we now see less fraud that in the first years of online casinos, however, the risk is still there and the types of fraud that some casinos carry out towards their players are below

  • Deposit, no withdrawals fraud, casino then closes up after one month
  • Bonus fraud, players are offered large bonuses that they cannot ever cash out, due to high turnover or terms and conditions that are unfair
  • Scratch card fraud, no winning ticket numbers are available, no one wins ever.
  • Free spins fraud, no withdrawals on winnings taken when playing free spins
  • Company fraud, company pays players and seems to operate normally but no corporate tax is paid, company then closes after one year
  • Gaming License fraud, pretends to operate under a license that is not real
  • Money Laundering, players are unaware that the scam casino is laundering money, possibly from the proceeds of crime

Casino Fraud detection

online casino scammersWhen we started to see see the types of fraud that online casinos have carried out we decided to more rigorously monitor and track any information we find, and display it here in our casino scams section, we hope that it can be useful to all.

As we are determined to only present to you the best casinos on the internet for international players we regularly check to ensure that the casinos are operating in a way that is fair, and that they are regulated and licensed by a European gaming authority.

How we check a casino is not a Scam

fraud online casino scammersWe know that it may be hard for new casino players to understand how the business is regulated, but we want to show what we look for when we promote and offer bonuses, and money from casinos. Below you can see some of the items we check for to ensure that the online casinos promoted on adhere to

  • Has a casino license from a Regulated Authority such as the MGA (Malta gaming Authority)
  • Their license is valid and in date with no warnings
  • Has had their games certified by an independent entity such as GLI (Gaming Laboratories International)
  • Practices and is affiliated with partners regarding the control and processes relating to responsible gambling
  • Offers secure website access
  • Provides secure ways in which to deposit and withdraw

We understand that the excitement to enter a new casino can be great, but in order to ensure that you are not entering a casino that is not secure and regulated, please make sure you check back often.

Casino blacklist

fraud casino scam online blacklistRight now, you can view any of the casinos that have been added to the casino scams blacklist below, click on any of the articles in order to read more and fully understand the severity of the online casino scam. We feel that this list will grow slowly, but we will add any serious casino websites that we feel are either definitely fraudulent, or online casinos that have been incorrectly labelled as a scam, and will explain why they are not.

Should you have any comments regarding any online casinos you have had bad experiences with or feel have acted fraudulently you can either contact the gaming authority where the casino license has been issued or if you feel they are not assisting, please email us